3 Cheap Laptop Sleeves With Sleek and Luxurious Designs

Want to have a nice protection for your laptop without getting the pricey choices online? Make sure you check out this list of 3 perfect Macbook Air Sleeves I have collected:

Leather-look MacBook Sleeve, 28.99 USD

This artificial leather sleeve is designed for various gadgets like Macbook Air 11 and 13, Pro 13 and 15 Touch Bar, Pro DVD ROM 13 and 15, Pro Retina 13 and 15, and Macbook 12 and 13. This sleeve is conveniently shut and opened with its magnets. It appears luxurious and can match almost any outfit and gender.

MacBook Soft Sleeve Case, 25.99 USD

This case also has a smooth artificial leather exterior that is water resistant so that your laptop stays secured and easy to clean. An all-around protection is offered with the suede-like interior to protect your laptop’s surface. It comes as a lightweight case and has compartments to store your other tiny accessories. The MacBook Soft Sleeve Case is very convenient to use as per many reviews in the internet.

MacBook Soft Liner Sleeve Bag, 19.99 USD

This is one of the cheapest I have seen yet this Sleeve Bag is among the most convenient ones to use. It is designed with a separate built-in pouch for accessories, letting you to store all accessories in just one thin bag that is water resistant and even shock resistant. The wool-felt material with its protective interior is friendly to any smooth surface as your laptop’s cover.

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