Various LED Lighting Products Options

LED lighting is available in a wide array of home and more industrial products, and the types is growing yearly. The development of LED technology created more products. Below are some of the commonly used LED products.

Reflectors – From the spot lights, flood lights, track lights, to reflector lamps that can provide brighter light, but with less energy and heat than any other type of light source such as the halogen lamp. It can also provide better warm colors.

3-Way LED – A light bulb that is a three-way one, with two brightness settings compared to the standard one.

Vintage LED Bulbs – The LED filament is basically found in vintage bulb which has an orange glow, lower light levels like becoming dimmer transitioning from colors- yellow to orange.

Standard Shape A19 – this has the same as the design of the incandescent bulb. This kind of LED bulbs can fit for the same sockets and fixtures of other kind of lights.

Decorative LED Bulbs – this can be found in the chandeliers and then it has a light bulb that is long lasting and  will mean a less chances of changing damaged bulbs. The chandelier lights come in color temperature to avail the traditional ambiance from LED light bulbs.

Wet Location LED Bulbs – This can be located in LED bulbs that is intended both for humid indoor and outdoor  areas.

These are some of the products which you can choose from  including  LED tape lights, LED tubes, LED night lights, Shatter resistant LED bulbs and LED Downlights.